Can I place an order on weekends or during nighttime?

You can place an order on any day of the week, regardless of weekends or holidays, as well as at any time of the day.


What is the Assay Office?

The Federal Assay Office is a government executive body that performs functions of state control (supervision) over the production, use, and trade of precious metals and gemstones.

Since our company is registered in Portugal, we place the hallmark and brand mark on jewelry at the Assay Office of Lisbon.Functions of the Assay Office:

- Control and supervisory activities

- Licensing activities

- Special registration

- Assaying, marking, expertise, analysis, and registration of hallmarks


What are the jewelry hallmark and brand mark, and who applies them? 

The authenticity of jewelry can be verified by the presence of two marks: the impression of the government Assay Office and the manufacturer's hallmark (brand mark), which is called the "hallmark."

The hallmark on jewelry and the brand mark are mandatory attributes of the jewelry, representing a special mark. It is the sign of the jewelry manufacturer, which is applied by an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity on the products they manufacture.

Each country has its own requirements for marking jewelry.

The hallmark is applied to all jewelry made of gold, silver, and other precious metals. The presence of this mark is mandatory as it confirms the legality of selling any piece of jewelry. Such a hallmark is applied at the Assay Office, where every manufacturer must bring the jewelry before they are placed on the store shelves.

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