H O W   T O   C L E A N   G O L D   A T   H O M E   ?



In many years of working with jewelry, we have not found anything better than Hagerty's special gold and silver cleaning cloths. It is their materials, solutions and other products for cleaning precious metals and stones that best care for jewelry.

If your gold or silver has darkened, then you need to rub well the dark places with that cloth and it will become like new again.

With more severe pollution, you can hold your jewelry in a special solution, then rinse with water and rub it with the soft cloth.

IMPORTANT: If the items contain semi-precious or precious stones, we do not recommend immersing them in solutions!

There are many other brands that make similar products for cleaning precious and non-precious metals, but we like this one the most.





If you do not have the opportunity to buy special products, then you can use tradicional methods for cleaning jewelry.

The main thing is to follow all the rules, as some chemical elements can react with the metal and the jewelry can deteriorate!

1. Mix 250 ml of water, 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon of ammonia and one teaspoon of liquid soap (Fairy works well).
2. Heat the mixture to 40-50 degrees Celsius.
3. Soak the jewelry in the resulting mixture for 3-5 hours. Rinse the jewelry well under the tap. Dry the product, and then wipe with a microfiber or flannel cloth to shine.

IMPORTANT: always cover such mixtures with a lid and turn on the exhaust fan, as breathing such vapors is harmful to your health.

What should never be done?

1. clean gold with vinegar
2. In any case should gold items with stones be boiled. From high temperatures, the places where the stone is attached can fall apart and the jewelry will be damaged. And the stones themselves can also suffer.
3. Mercury and iodine aggressively destroy the top layer of gold. Mercury can be found in cosmetics and medicines.


Scratches on jewelry

If you have been wearing the jewelry for a long time and there are scratches on it, then a simple cleaning will not be enough. In this case, the best solution would be to take the piece to professionals.
We have a jewelry cleaning and restoration service. Contact us through the special form to receive instructions on how and where you can bring or send your items.

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