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F R E E M I N D   J E W E L R Y

brand’s story. 

The history of the FREEMIND brand began in Bali, in 2013.

The founder of the brand, Polina Iodis, a TV presenter, lead singer of a pop music group, and a professional photographer... In 2003, she suddenly discovers surfing and deep spiritual practices, completely leaving the entertainment industry. After dedicating several years to professional surfing and personal growth, in 2009, she moves to the island of Bali, where she establishes her own surf school and gives birth to her first daughter.

She woke up one morning feeling like it was time to move on.

She retreated into herself, deep in thoughts about what her life's work really should be. And, in the second week of this continuous meditation, Polina stopped near a beautiful jewelry window:

“It was as if something made me stop near this window, and real images of the future began to flash in my mind. It's hard to explain, I had just seen everything I dreamed of in a few seconds.

I will never forget that window and my inspiration next to the store. And then incredible coincidences began to happen, which made me understand that I had embarked on the right path - on my own path. The next day, a friend called me and, for some reason, asked if I wanted to go with her to learn how to make jewelry, three days later we were at a jewelry school and I already knew how I was going to call my brand.” 


  Why  F R E E M I N D  jewelry?  

  “The FREEMIND philosophy is inner freedom. For me, the most important qualities in a person are an open heart, kindness, honesty and the ability to move forward in pursuit of their dream. When a person feels freedom within himself and trusts God, he is not afraid to follow his heart. It brings happiness. The name FREEMIND came to me in the early days and for 10 years I've been glad I heard that voice.” 


Why is the brand logo a fin/fin and what is the design inside? 

“The ocean has given me so much, so I chose the fin as the brand logo and created the “SURF” collection of jewelry as a reminder of my connection to the ocean. Surfing is an active meditation that allows us to forget about everything for a while and look at the world and its problems with different eyes. People in the metropolis lack something real that can, at least temporarily, disconnect them from the material. 

And the design inside the fin is a modified mandala, the “flower of life”, symbol of infinity and all energy in its original form, at the same time, it symbolizes complete order. It is believed that the "flower of life" mandala fulfills any desire. And I believe that my jewelry helps people find inner freedom and fulfill their deepest desires.”

“For me, FREEMIND is a brand with meaning, capable of changing anyone's life. Our jewelry “smells” like freedom, which can be felt even in a stuffy office. Freedom is not selfishness, but a state of mind. We can be free anytime, anywhere.” 




Now Freemind Jewelry has its own production, which is located in Portugal, not far from Lisbon, near the Atlantic Ocean, to where Polina moved from Bali to live in 2015 and where she founded IODIS & JEWELRY Lda. After she moved, she continued to cooperate with the jewelry factories in Bali for some time, but did not stop dreaming of her own jewelry house.

In 2020, she had a big change in her personal life. But already in 2021, she meets a person who completely changed everything and now Freemind Jewelry is a union of two hearts that have been moving towards the same goal for a long time, but individually.
She is the founder and chief designer of the brand, the inspirer of ideas.
He is a professional 3D designer and currently the brand's second designer, a jeweler with a master's degree in jewelery technology with many years of experience in jewelery industry.
They met to work together, but became one.
After this union, the construction of the production and the development of the company began.


The SURF & YOGA collection is sold in the two biggest surf shops in Portugal - 58 SURF Shops. And collections such as: FREEMIND Creation, BLACK DIAMONDS Creation, CERAM Creation, you can find in our online store and very soon in the physical store FREEMIND JEWELRY in Lisbon.

We strive to ensure that the brand never stops growing and that customers continually return for the quality and design. Own production makes it possible to create limited collections, experiment with materials, keep up with the times and quickly respond to our customers' wishes. 

We use eco-friendly materials in our production, because we believe that treating our planet with care and love is an important part of the FREEMIND philosophy.  

The company's goal is to become a trusted brand! A brand that brings joy and freedom to people!




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