In order for the jewelry to maintain its original appearance for as long as possible and for the gemstones not to fade, it is very important to properly store the jewelry.

R U L E S   F O R   S T O R I N G    A N D   W E A R I N G   J E W E L R Y


♦ When removing jewelry, place it in a special box lined with soft felt. Don't leave it open: prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause many minerals to stain.
Let each jewelry have a separate cell or put it in an individual bag. This will prevent scratches. Harder stones can scratch softer ones, and any metal, especially silver, is very easy to scratch, so they shouldn't touch each other.
♦ Do not allow sudden changes in temperature when storing jewelry with stones. This is especially harmful for turquoise, amber and opal. Peridot and ruby can crack if the air is too dry. Pass on the pendants with stones a special product. It will create a protective film and prevent dryness.
   ♦ Do not exercise with jewelry. Materials stain with sweat.
When going to the bath or pool, do not take silver jewelry. High humidity and temperature, sweat, chlorine and salts in water can coat silverware with a black coating. Also, always remove jewelry in these places if it contains stone inserts.
♦ Avoid putting perfumes and hair products on beads, pendants, earrings. Its traces are not always visible, but they do damage. Do the hair and makeup first, then put on your jewelry.
♦ Remove jewelry at night. While sleeping, we don't control our body, so the insert may be accidentally scratched on the bed or wall, get stuck in the bedding.
♦ When wearing earrings with stones, try to touch them as little as possible. There is oil on the skin of the fingers, which will be imprinted on the inserts. This film attracts dust and can damage the mineral.
♦ Water, household chemicals and food have a negative effect on stones and silver. Minimize contact with these products. Cooking or washing dishes with jewelry on your hands is not a good idea.


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