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If you bought a piece of jewelery with us and something went wrong, you can always contact us through the form on   this page. We accept requests for repairs of any complexity and we are always open to dialogue.

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R E P A I R   R E Q U E S T



Any repair begins with an examination by a specialist of the damaged jewelry. Such inspection is usually carried out in the presence of the customer. According to the regulations, the master shows the customer all the places that need soldering.

Repair work is often a very complex (and therefore expensive) process. Therefore, another task of the jeweler is to assess the feasibility of repair work. In some cases, when it comes to simple pieces made of gold or silver, which have no artistic value or special value to the owner, it is easier and cheaper to sell the worn jewelry and buy a new one.

Also, the master must determine whether there are elements in the product that are sensitive to heat. For example, some stones may become turbid, change color or crack during the soldering process. In such cases, the crystals must be removed for the duration of the work, about which the jeweler also warns in advance.

Before starting work, the jewelry must be weighed, and the re-measuring is carried out when the jewelry is returned to the owner. When re-weighing, the loss of metal should not exceed the figures specified in the error. These norms are indicated in the jewelry's documents. In addition, before weighing, the master must assess the level of contamination of the jewelry. Adhering dust, dirt, etc. also affects the weight of the jewelry, so before putting it on the scale, the piece is cleaned.

The receipt, which is a warranty document, contains all the parameters of the product.

The price for repairs in many cases is individual and is determined primarily by the complexity of the work. For example, in some jewelry, stones and inserts are fixed in such way that their repair requires especially fine skills, outstanding craftsmanship and excellent technical equipment.


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