The conditions for membership of the Freemind Family Club are very simple.  

To start enjoying all the privileges of the club, you need to: 

1. Register at 

2. Buy your first piece of jewelry through our online store 

3. Subscribe to the club's Newsletters.

If you decide to unsubscribe later on, you will still remain our favorite loyal customer and will be able to quickly make all purchases using your account and the points accumulated in it. 



Some of the club's special offers and limited collections of jewelry will be unavailable to you. 

You will no longer be the first to know about all the new products and exclusive offers. 

IMPORTANT: After your purchase of any “Freemind” jewel - you will be just our registered user, you will be able to receive newsletters, but - you will not have access to limited collections and some club promotions!  

As a member of the FREEMIND Family, you will not miss the opportunity to be the first to buy exclusive brand new products, visit the most interesting events and parties with the participation of FREEMIND. 


Club loyalty program: 

If you are a registered member of the Freemind Family club, you automatically become a member of our loyalty program. 


What it is?  

This is a point accumulation system that gives you the opportunity to get a discount on your next purchase. And even get a regular customer discount.  


What are the conditions of this program? 

When buying jewelry on our website in the amount of 500 to 3000 euros - you get a 5% discount on your next purchase. 

When buying jewelry on our website in the amount of 3000 to 5000 euros - you get a 10% discount on your next purchase.  

When buying jewelry on our website in the amount of 5000 euros and more - you get a regular customer discount of 5% on all subsequent purchases through your personal account. 

The maximum discount on jewelry under the loyalty program is 10%. 


If you already have a regular customer discount - 5%, then you can get a 10% discount again on your next purchase by placing a new order in the amount of 500 euros.  


The FREEMIND family club has a separate landing page, where you can get acquainted with other projects of the company. 

For our part, we promise not to flood your mailboxes with unnecessary spam. We will write only the most important and interesting! 


Our goal is to gather around us those who value freedom, share our philosophy and want to be part of the Freemind.



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