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How to determine the length and size of the chain around the neck
There is a certain standard by which chains are made: the length must be a multiple of 5 cm. That is, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, etc. Here are the unspoken rules:

• 35 cm. Such a chain will fit quite tightly around the neck. Only miniature and light pendants can be hung on it, otherwise the decoration will not look very beautiful and even strange.

• 40 cm. This length draws attention to the neck, which should be taken into account for older women.

• 45 cm. Such chains look very romantic. An elegant pendant in the form of a heart or an openwork flower will be the perfect complement.

• 50 cm. The optimal length of the chain around the neck for all women. This size is considered universal, as it will suit almost everyone. It will look appropriate with an elegant sweater and evening dress.

• 55 cm. Jewelry with a chain of this length visually lengthens the neck. When choosing clothes for such a length of jewelry, it is important to ensure that the lower edge of the latter or the pendant does not coincide with the neckline.


• 60-70 cm and above. Products on a chain of this size in most cases are made only to order. If desired, they can be folded in half, forming a collar necklace, or tied in a knot.




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